Good bye for the summer internet!

Dear internet and classmates!

My teacher ask my class to chose to keep your blog or delete your blog. I chose to keep my blog  so all off you people who liked commenting are welcome to comment next year.

BUT I’m not going to check my blog in the summer so you should leave an comment now or later and later does not mean summer it means next year.

I can’t wait to go into grade 7 but I’m like Ms smith I’m going to miss this class room but what kid does not like the summer time.

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Thank you internet

But I want to give  a big thank you to Eric, Tess  and Kendra for leving comments on my blog I loved it wen you three people  and more left comments so thank you thank you very very much and not just to you three people thank you the other people who left an comment here and there.

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My class went camping at the middle of June it was super fun and my teacher told me,and my class to chose are favorite memory. Some people  thought playing predator and pray was fun. I have to agree. Some people thought sitting up there tent was.

But my favorite memory was going to the beach and sitting around the camp fire at night. It was only one over night but I wanted it to last 4 days!

Next year when were in grade 7 we go to hornbe 2 over nights.

Witch I find unfair because when my brother  was in grade 6 he went to hornbe for one full week,and in grade 5 he got to go to hornbe for tree days. I’m in grade 6 and I did not even get to go to hornbe for a day, but he went to a different school so that explains more.

I love going camping with my class!

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It’s here at last. Finally we can bring out the water toys permanently and enjoy the sun. This will be the best summer ever. What do you like to do when your out of school?

I personally like going out into my pool and wading there and splashing my friends. I also enjoy an Ice tea stand at the end of my drive way, and I use that money to go up to a store near my house and buy candy also with my friends.

But that’s just what I like to do at my house I do way different things in town I like to…. Go to the movies, swimming at the out door pool, hanging out at my friends house, driving to Nanimo with my family and going to Vancouver to visit my relatives.

Tell me what you like to do in the summer?

What do you like to do when your in town?

What do you like to do when your at home?

Tell me in your comment, if you leave one!

Thanks for coming to my blog!

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Would you jump out of a plane?

At my school we had SAR (search and rescue) that flew over are school and jump out of a plane.

Would you jump out of a plane when you got older because I WOULD!

It would be so much fun with the wind in your face and the little kids screaming your name (if they new it) I would never trade an experience that amazing with anything. I use to want to go bungy jumping. But ever since I saw the people do it in front of my own eyes! I don’t think I want to do it anymore.

But… I don’t think I would be a SAR its just not the job for me. I would rather work in a high school than that,well is it the job for you?

I’ve always wondered when I was little what they would do. But they save people, it’s pretty simple I guess.

WRONG! it’s alot harder then you think. Your out in the middle of no where looking for people and ect. My principal was a SAR and still is.

I’ve never been in danger but I do know that some of my friends had to get rescued. have you ever been rescued?

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We also got to go out on the boat with out any adolt Edited by: Orion and Noah

As you can see this is a pic of my class sailing. We had so much fun laughing but also controlling the boat, and I learned so  much. Thank you to the people from compass adventure. We all had so much fun because we all paid attention but still laugh. I was going to go to there camp but it’s really expensive and I’m already going to camp. My teacher would put us in different groups so if there was someone who would get on my nerves or others people nerves on there boat. And now……

I’m going to tell you three things I learned on the water.

  • I learned more about the wind like irons and the wave
  • I also learned to put the tiller down
  • And last but not least I learned how to tighten the sailing

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What are your answers??????

I’m going to ask you some questions like what your favorite color is and other things like that it’ll be fun. If you don’t have an answer for one or two of questions you just tell me in the comment if you leave one that you don’t have an answer for the question. So here are the questions.

1. Whats you favorite color?

2. How many pets do you have?

3. Do you like ice cream?

4. Are you blond?

Hope you leave a comment!!!!

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What it was like to run for Goodwill Council?

Some people had great speeches!

Some people had great speeches!


And these are the people who ran for Goodwill council.


But some people wanted to keep advertising.

Huzzahnian Goodwill Council!

It was a great experiment to run, although I didn’t get to the final three. I  found that it was great fun to run. I’m glad  I did,  but it was hard work. My team helped me through it.

We made magnets and business cards and  had alot of fun and so did my team!

Unfortunately, I was sick the day we had elections so I wasn’t able to put a final touch on  my speech, darn! And one of my candidate’s was in Disneyland. So it was the cherry on top of the election. When it was done I was glad for the other teams. The people who won were Meghan, jack, and max

I was also glad because I thought the election was free and fair. Every candidate was given equal time  for their speech although some people had more to say.Everyone in the class was given the chance to run for Huzzahnian Goodwill Council. Every team was given the opportunity to advertise for their candidate.The vote was done by secret ballot so everyone was able to have their own opinion without worrying about  what other people thought. The ballots were counted after school by two people to make sure there was a agreement about the results.

Thank-you Huzzahnian Council!

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What I’ve learned out side of school

My teacher ask us what weave learned  out side of school we’ll I’ve learned to make a stuffed bunny rabbit.

I was at my sewing teachers house on Wednesday and because It’s almost Easter she taught us how.

  • First you cut a stuffed bunny make sure it’s to sided.
  • Then you pin it.
  • Then you sew around, but don’t sew to close to the end because you could get holes in your bunny.
  • After that you make sure it’s nice sides on the out.
  • Then you sew over the ears to make sure no stuffing get’s in, But you can put stuffing in the  ear but it takes a while.
  • Then you stuff the bunny!

And then you have a…….. Oh! wait we forgot the feet

  • You make sure there’s a hole  in the middle of the foot than make another foot the same.
  • Then you sew around the foot and make sure there’s nice side out.

Then you stuff the the feet and hot glue them on your bunny.

Ta Da! you’ve got your bunny!

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This is traditional Pysanky made by an expert!

This is traditional Pysanky made by an expert!

As you can see this is a Pysanka, a Ukraine artwork made around Easter, but some people love it so much they do year round.

My class decided to make Pysanky eggs. This is mine the one with a blue back ground.

All colors mean something:

  • Brown represents Strength, endurance and the eternal sun.
  • Red represents happiness in life, hope,  passion, and the sun.
  • Light blue represents the sky with its life-giving air and good health.
  • Green represents Spring, new growth and
  • Black represents Eternity, and darkest time before the dawn.
  • Yellow represents light, purity, youth, happiness, and hospitality

This is my pysanka!

Photo taking by: so_joe

Edited by: Jack and Reid