Want to see how to make bracelets? Well, come to Molly’s mad bracelets making I’ll teach you how to make different types. You can make 100s of bracelets with only 6 strings.

I can make the twist, the alligator skin, the rug rat, the invisible string and the twist around. I love to make my bracelets that’s practically all I do. I buy as much string I can get my hands on. Sometimes I make bracelets  for my friends too.

I love to teach my friends how to make them. It’s hard when you start, but you get the hang of it afterwards. It’s  difficult to make the alligator skin. I even think I forget how to make it now.  I still remember how to make all the others and I will show you how to make them.  It’s very exciting.


7 Random Facts About Me!

Hi, this is my first real post. I’m still learning about my privacy on the internet. I can tell you these though.

  1. I love basket ball.
  2. I have a cat & dog.
  3. I love reptiles.
  4. I make bracelets out of string.
  5. I like riding my bike.
  6. I like Halloween because I like dressing up.
  7. I love colours.